Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fabric Chandelier

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you have enjoyed the past few hops I have been involved in. I know I have! :) Well today I thought it was time to share an item I made for my baby girls' nursery.

I found a (somewhat) tutorial on Pinterest for a fabric chandelier, and decided that it was a MUST for above her changing table. I originally started this project while I was still pregnant, but was unable to finish it due to being put on complete bedrest at 34 weeks. Well, this past weekend I finally got around to finishing it. (Oh, and yes, those are my little boys' hand prints on the wall!) I hope you enjoy! :)


Cricut Cartridge - George and Basic Shapes
6 different fabric quarters
Ironing Board
Freezer Paper
Medium size embroidery hoop
Fishing Line
Sewing Machine
White thread

First, iron each of your fabric quarters. Then, cut the fabric quarters to fit onto your Cricut mat. I used my Expression, so I cut them to 12.25x12.25 inches. Next, sandwich each of the squares of fabric in freezer paper. Iron each of these as you are ready to cut with them. (I learned this the hard way. If you are not ready to cut, the paper will move from the fabric as you are cutting when the freezer paper cools.) Next, use George and Basic Shapes to cut 2 inch circles. You need 35 of each color. If you do not have a Cricut, you can use a stencil to trace the circles and cut by hand.

Next, use your sewing machine to sew your lines of circles together. I have 16 short lines, 8 medium lines, and 1 large line. The short lines have 1 of each color, the medium 2 of each color, and the large 3 of each color. Make sure that you leave extra thread at the top of each line to be able to attach it to the hoop.

Once your lines are sewn, use your fishing line tie 2 lines on your hoop in a + fashion. This will give you something to attach your 2 middle rows to. Now just tie each line to either the hoop or the fishing line. Short lines are tied to the hoop itself, middle lines to the crossing sections of the fishing line, and the large line to the center of the fishing line +.

I then tied fishing line to the hoop to make it attach to the ceiling. I just taped it up, but you can use a hook if you would like.

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