Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Updated Bathroom

Happy Tuesday everyone! I wanted to share with you a not so crafty project, but a project none the less. :)
Thanks to Pinterest, we spent an afternoon updating our bathroom a few weeks ago. We took our boring old tub and wall (as pictured below), and we put Airstone on it. We went to Lowe's and purchased a box (We ended up having to get a second box because the salesman was wrong. A linear foot is NOT the same as a square foot!) of Airstone, some Liquid Nails, and a piece of trim.

Then it was time to go home and start the project. I think it took longer to decide HOW we wanted to put it on then to actually put it on. We laid it all out in our hall. Of course, our little man had to help daddy!

So, after about 4 hours and $100. This is our newly designed bathroom. We love it! It gives it such character, and really makes it look so much nicer. One of the best projects I have found on Pinterest!

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