Thursday, July 25, 2013

Door Hangers/Deezy Does It

First, let me say Happy Thursday! I'm very excited both for my post this week, and being showcased on Pimp Out Your Blog from Deezy Does It. Please, if you didn't come from her site, go take a look at it. She offers a showcase once a week for someone's blog, and she always offers a prize if you link up. :)

OK, now on to my project for this week. I saw this very awesome tutorial on Pinterest for door hangers for a bedroom door. So of course, my first thought was Little Miss needed one for the nursery. I didn't want to go to the store just for a letter to decorate, so I used what I had around. Once I had finished the one for her door, my little man said he wanted one too. So together, we made his. After finishing both of them, it had only taken a little over an hour of our day, and they looked awesome! Hope you enjoy!

First for hers. I used my trusty Cricut Expression, along with the Artiste cartridge, to cut out the I. I have a light pink cardstock on the back, and the patterned one on the front. I used the cardstock as a stencil to trace the I onto 2 piece of cardboard I had hot glued together. After cutting out the cardboard and paper, I used a spray glue to coat put the paper onto the cardboard. Next, I hot-glued ribbon around the edges. I used a clear drying glue from Close to My Heart all over the front of the I, and added a dusting of clear glitter. Then I hot glued the flower embellishment and the ribbon to hand it to the door. I used a clear command hanger so that we didn't put a hole in the door. I think it turned out great!

OK, my son's was so much easier! Although he has a Cars decorated room, he wanted his W to be camo. Again, using my Cricut and the Artiste cartridge, we cut out the W from a tan and camo cardstocks. I hot-glued 2 pieces of cardstock together and after using the cardstock as a stencil, cut out our W. He got to use the spray glue to put the 2 pieces of paper on the cardboard. Since it was camo and rugged looking, he said he didn't want any ribbon on the edges, so we just hot-glued some at the top to hang it from. He also let me know that "Mommy, I am a boy and I don't need any flowers or anything on my W." So, here it is finished, and SO easy. He loves it!



  1. Stopping by from Deezy does it!! Love your door hangers

  2. These are a great idea! Stopping by from Pimp Out Showcase.